United Leads, Delta and American Follow, As Most Domestic Change Fees Are Eliminated

Hoping to find a way to stimulate domestic air travel during the COVID19 pandemic, United Airlines, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines and Delta Air Lines have announced the permanent elimination of change fees for most domestic tickets. The four carriers have apparently caught on that Southwest Airlines, which has never charged change fees, clearly knows thatContinue reading “United Leads, Delta and American Follow, As Most Domestic Change Fees Are Eliminated”

Air Travel Update 8/10/2020

Some recent items of interest for airline travelers: Due to an increase in flights, Southwest Airlines will no longer disinfect armrests and seats belts between flights. However, the carrier will continue to follow its COVID19 cleaning protocol by disinfecting tray tables and lavatories between flights. Southwest says the change is necessary as there is nowContinue reading “Air Travel Update 8/10/2020”

COVID19 Causes Devastating 2nd Quarter Financials for U.S. Airlines

With COVID19 wreaking havoc worldwide, impacting virtually every aspect of life, it comes as no surprise that the airline industry has been one of the hardest hit business sectors. As the pandemic ebbs and flows around the globe, scores of air carriers are in survival mode as they try to hold on until people startContinue reading “COVID19 Causes Devastating 2nd Quarter Financials for U.S. Airlines”

Southwest’s “Promise” Includes Open Middle Seats

If you’re like most travelers who haven’t set foot on a plane since the COVID19 pandemic began, the last thing you want to do when the time comes to take to the skies, is to be crammed into a full airliner. Going one step further than Delta’s commitment to block middle seats through the endContinue reading “Southwest’s “Promise” Includes Open Middle Seats”

New Airline, ‘Breeze’, to Base Operations at MSP

While airlines worldwide are struggling to survive the COVID19 pandemic which has nearly brought the industry to its knees, a new carrier is planning to launch scheduled service in 2021 with Minneapolis-St. Paul as its operations center. This may sound like some kind of insanity destined for failure, but then you probably haven’t been followingContinue reading “New Airline, ‘Breeze’, to Base Operations at MSP”