Passenger Traffic Plummets at MSP in 2020

It comes as no surprise, but the extreme drop in the number of airline passengers worldwide in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic is still mind-boggling. After ten consecutive years of year-over-year passenger growth, last year saw a 62 percent reduction in airline travelers at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. MSP served a record 39-millionContinue reading “Passenger Traffic Plummets at MSP in 2020”

Sun Country Airlines to Expand Ground Shuttle Service to MSP

Twin Cities-based low-cost carrier Sun Country Airlines has announced an expansion of its door-to-door shuttle service from five additional Upper Midwest communities. Continuing to partner with Landline, another local Minnesota company, service from home or the local airport will soon be available from Brainerd, Rochester and St. Cloud in Minnesota, as well as LaCrosse andContinue reading “Sun Country Airlines to Expand Ground Shuttle Service to MSP”

Sun Country Hoping for Air Travel Uptick with 16 New Routes; 9 New Cities

Twin Cities-based Sun Country Airlines is counting on a dramatic increase in COVID-19 vaccinations and testing to propel the carrier to a much improved second half of 2021. Like airlines worldwide, Sun Country has been clobbered financially by the pandemic, with very few people traveling and a majority of flights cancelled or operating with fewContinue reading “Sun Country Hoping for Air Travel Uptick with 16 New Routes; 9 New Cities”

What Part of “Don’t Travel” Don’t We Understand?

Yes, I know, my blog is named “I Fly MSP“, so it is clearly about travel and flying. I spent more than 35 years in the travel industry working for airlines and tour operators in sales and marketing positions. Clearly, I love to travel and encourage every else who wants to, to do the same.Continue reading “What Part of “Don’t Travel” Don’t We Understand?”

Random Travel Thoughts As 2020 Finally Ends

It’s time to be realistic. While we all love traveling and are anxiously looking forward to the day in the not-too-distant future that we can get away, safely, again, there are endless irritating things about taking a trip. Whether it be getting young kids ready to leave, cramming two weeks’ worth of clothing into aContinue reading “Random Travel Thoughts As 2020 Finally Ends”