Time to Pamper Yourself With a First Class Flight?

If you’re contemplating air travel in the next couple of months and your travels include flights with Delta Air Lines, you may want to consider pampering yourself by traveling in the forward cabin of the aircraft. Not only will you be assured of generous social distance from other passengers aboard the flight, but through JanuaryContinue reading “Time to Pamper Yourself With a First Class Flight?”

Delta’s Empty Middle Seat Policy Extended into 2021

With the return to air travel being sluggish at best, Delta Air Lines has committed to extend its open middle seat policy through January 6, 2021. The Atlanta-based carrier clearly can see that advance bookings are very weak, and is betting that the guaranteed extra spacing onboard its flights will be a strong sales pointContinue reading “Delta’s Empty Middle Seat Policy Extended into 2021”

Delta and CVS Aim to Speed Employee COVID-19 Testing

So it’s finally time for that first flight after many long months of staying close to home. You’ve got your mask, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes set to go, and you know that Delta’s distance spacing onboard the aircraft will have the other passengers safely away from your seating area. Since everyone is required toContinue reading “Delta and CVS Aim to Speed Employee COVID-19 Testing”