Sun Country Lays Off HQ Staff as Airlines Struggle to Survive

Twin Cities-based Sun Country Airlines may be a small carrier unknown to most, but that doesn’t exempt it from the harsh reality of dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. Thankfully, Sun Country entered into a contract in December of last year with Amazon, operating several aircraft for the e-commerce giant. While the carrier couldn’t have foreseenContinue reading “Sun Country Lays Off HQ Staff as Airlines Struggle to Survive”

U.S. Airlines Don’t Expect “Back to Normal” Until 2024

No one can argue that COVID19, the coronavirus pandemic, has changed the world as we knew it. Our carefree lifestyles that gave Americans the ability to get-up-and-go on a moments notice, whether it be to a restaurant, sporting event, or a distant destination half-way around the world, are no longer. And while every industry hasContinue reading “U.S. Airlines Don’t Expect “Back to Normal” Until 2024″

Delta’s Empty Middle Seat Policy Extended into 2021

With the return to air travel being sluggish at best, Delta Air Lines has committed to extend its open middle seat policy through January 6, 2021. The Atlanta-based carrier clearly can see that advance bookings are very weak, and is betting that the guaranteed extra spacing onboard its flights will be a strong sales pointContinue reading “Delta’s Empty Middle Seat Policy Extended into 2021”

COVID19 Causes Devastating 2nd Quarter Financials for U.S. Airlines

With COVID19 wreaking havoc worldwide, impacting virtually every aspect of life, it comes as no surprise that the airline industry has been one of the hardest hit business sectors. As the pandemic ebbs and flows around the globe, scores of air carriers are in survival mode as they try to hold on until people startContinue reading “COVID19 Causes Devastating 2nd Quarter Financials for U.S. Airlines”

The Points Guy Ranks Delta #1

For the second year running, digital travel site The Points Guy has ranked Delta Air Lines as the top U.S. airline. Unlike past years when ranking was determined by various performance measures such as on-time record, baggage handling and customer service, the 2020 results reviewed carriers by their handling of air travel since COVID19 arrivedContinue reading “The Points Guy Ranks Delta #1”