U.S. Airlines Don’t Expect “Back to Normal” Until 2024

No one can argue that COVID19, the coronavirus pandemic, has changed the world as we knew it. Our carefree lifestyles that gave Americans the ability to get-up-and-go on a moments notice, whether it be to a restaurant, sporting event, or a distant destination half-way around the world, are no longer. And while every industry hasContinue reading “U.S. Airlines Don’t Expect “Back to Normal” Until 2024″

Changes Abound at MSP’s New Silver Ramp

While COVID19 has set back growth plans at airports worldwide, the new Silver Ramp, which has been under construction since last year at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, is set to welcome many ground transportation services effective Wednesday, August 5. While the 11-level, five thousand space facility isn’t going to be occupied as quickly asContinue reading “Changes Abound at MSP’s New Silver Ramp”