Delta Wants Airlines to Share Banned Flier Lists

The world according to Covid is a far cry from life before the virus. With more than 700,00 Americans now dead from Covid-19 and nearly 5 million worldwide having lost their lives, it isn’t surprising that many people have gone a bit bonkers due to mask requirements, vaccines, restaurants closed or only serving take-away food,Continue reading “Delta Wants Airlines to Share Banned Flier Lists”

United Prepares to Ax Almost 600 Workers

Having recently returned from a vacation to Iceland, this story grabbed my attention this week. United Airlines has set an absolute deadline of Monday, October 4, for all domestic employees to provide proof of vaccination for the Covid-19 virus. And starting the next day, the carrier will begin the process of firing 593 employees whoContinue reading “United Prepares to Ax Almost 600 Workers”

Delta Air Lines Increasing Health Insurance Premiums by $200 Monthly For Unvaccinated Staff

In a unique and bold move, effective November 1, Delta Air Lines employees who choose to remain unvaccinated against the COVID-19 virus will be assessed an additional $200 monthly for their health insurance premium. Rather than specifically mandating vaccination, the Atlanta-based carrier is telling those who refuse to be innoculated that they will be payingContinue reading “Delta Air Lines Increasing Health Insurance Premiums by $200 Monthly For Unvaccinated Staff”

Survey Says! These are the World’s Best Airports

The world’s best airports for 2020 according to Skytrax, the London-based airline and airport research organization, have been announced. The annual results are viewed with keen interest by airport and air travel enthusiasts around the world. In order to reach the top 5-star rating, airports must excel in areas such as the overall facility design,Continue reading “Survey Says! These are the World’s Best Airports”