Carry-on Gun Seizure Rate Increases 100% in 2020

Shirts, check! Pants, check! Socks, check! Underwear, check! Personal care items, check! Handgun, check! Time to head for the airport and my well-earned vacation. Yes, you read the headline correctly. In spite of U.S. airline passenger boardings being reduced dramatically, oftentimes by as much as 90% due to COVID-19, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) reportedContinue reading “Carry-on Gun Seizure Rate Increases 100% in 2020”

Sun Country Hoping for Air Travel Uptick with 16 New Routes; 9 New Cities

Twin Cities-based Sun Country Airlines is counting on a dramatic increase in COVID-19 vaccinations and testing to propel the carrier to a much improved second half of 2021. Like airlines worldwide, Sun Country has been clobbered financially by the pandemic, with very few people traveling and a majority of flights cancelled or operating with fewContinue reading “Sun Country Hoping for Air Travel Uptick with 16 New Routes; 9 New Cities”

Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccines for United Airlines Employees?

At an employee town hall on Thursday, United Airlines’ CEO Scott Kirby became the first major airline executive to call for Covid-19 vaccines to be required for all company employees. While this statement surely raised many eyebrows in the airline industry and beyond, the controversial requirement is being seen as an aggressive and forward-thinking wayContinue reading “Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccines for United Airlines Employees?”

Capitol Riot Adds Scores to Airline No-Fly Lists

As if it wasn’t bad enough for airlines having to deal with COVID-19 passenger safety, plus trying to stay financially afloat for almost a year with minimal revenue, the seditionist attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6 has now led to scores of travelers being added to no-fly lists at multiple airlines. Just oneContinue reading “Capitol Riot Adds Scores to Airline No-Fly Lists”

World’s Safest Airlines Announced for 2021, a highly respected industry organization that rates the safety and in-flight products of 385 airlines around the world, has released results of its airline safety survey for 2021. This year’s winner, not surprisingly, is Australian air carrier Qantas. As the world’s longest continuously operating airline having a 100-year history, Qantas has often been recognizedContinue reading “World’s Safest Airlines Announced for 2021”