What Part of “Don’t Travel” Don’t We Understand?

Yes, I know, my blog is named “I Fly MSP“, so it is clearly about travel and flying. I spent more than 35 years in the travel industry working for airlines and tour operators in sales and marketing positions. Clearly, I love to travel and encourage every else who wants to, to do the same.Continue reading “What Part of “Don’t Travel” Don’t We Understand?”

Random Travel Thoughts As 2020 Finally Ends

It’s time to be realistic. While we all love traveling and are anxiously looking forward to the day in the not-too-distant future that we can get away, safely, again, there are endless irritating things about taking a trip. Whether it be getting young kids ready to leave, cramming two weeks’ worth of clothing into aContinue reading “Random Travel Thoughts As 2020 Finally Ends”

Delta, American and United Eliminate Int’l Change Fees

Hoping to spark bookings in the coming months and beyond, Delta Air Lines announced the complete elimination of change fees when flying from North America to any international destination on a Delta ticket. The move, which is sure to be received with excitement by potential overseas vacationers, has already been matched by American Airlines andContinue reading “Delta, American and United Eliminate Int’l Change Fees”

AA Offers Employees Advance Rides on Updated 737 MAX

It isn’t just the traveling public that may have concerns about stepping aboard the Boeing 737 MAX when it returns to service in the U.S. in late December. Acknowledging that its own employees may also have doubts about the aircraft which recently received Federal Aviation Administration clearance to again operate passenger flights ater two fatalContinue reading “AA Offers Employees Advance Rides on Updated 737 MAX”